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Bye Bye Byes

  • Bye Bye Byes

This may come across as a selfish supporter venting their frustration that their team is not playing this weekend, but do we really want a break from football right now?

Our great code has finally got some momentum in 2014, ANZAC Day and Easter Monday made up for a lacklustre start to the season with a split round that felt a bit like, as the saying goes, dancing with your sister, it was good to be back in the game but it wasn't quite right.

Something just isn't quite right this season.

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The game itself is coming under fire from its supporters, Gillon McLachlan as new CEO said he will speak to coaches about the way in which the game is being played and will endeavour to make it more attractive.

The price of going to the footy is rising and you just about have to take out a second mortgage to afford a pie and a coke.

Crowd numbers are decreasing, Foxtel sport subscriptions have not increased as the company anticipated, viewer numbers on television are decreasing and now we have a round of football that lacks any mojo.

Have a look at these names: Gary Ablett Jnr, Patrick Dangerfield, Scott Pendlebury, Joel Selwood, Nick Dal Santo and Trent Cotchin. All are superstars of the game; all are sitting on the sidelines, or sitting on a beach, because they need a break 6 weeks into the year.

These are some of the best names in the country and they are not out on the main stage where they are idolised. 

Next week more stars, the week after another lot. This will have to be the softest start to a season in a decade.

Have a look at the NBA Playoffs on currently, they back it up not week after week, but day after day. Yes, a different game and a different type of endurance but surely elite athletes can prepare for a season.

I'm all for the AFLPA making the game fairer on players, but do they need a holiday just a third of a way into a season? I wish I had the same union; a quick trip just as the year gets a bit colder would be very nice thank you very much. 

Maybe this is just a rant from a passionate supporter but surely I'm not the only one ranting.

Is the bye really required? What do you think about the AFL Players wanting 2 byes?

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